Beamswap v2

Before upgrading to v3, Beamswap was primarily run on the AMM protocol and featured the SHARE token.

AMM protocol

Similarly to v3, Beamswap v2 featured a decentralized exchange (DEX) and allowed users to supply liquidity and earn passive income from staking and yield farming. However, the transactions were powered by the automated market maker (AMM) protocol, both standard and stable.

pageStandard & Stable AMM

In its current version, Beamswap v3 is primarily powered by the concentrated liquidity market maker (CLMM) protocol.

SHARE token

The v2 version also featured the Beamswap-native SHARE token that complemented the primary platform asset, GLINT, in delivering staking and earning opportunities for users.

pageBeamshare (Retired)

In Beamswap v3, SHARE is replaced by the stGLINT token.

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