Yield Farming

Make sure your MetaMask wallet is connected to the Moonbeam network!

How to add liquidity:

To add liquidity, you must have two tokens with an equal value ratio.

The guide below explains how to swap tokens on Beamswap.

Step 1

Click here to go to the liquidity page

Or visit: https://app.beamswap.io/exchange/pool

Step 2

First, click on + Add Liquidity

Step 3

Next, select the two tokens that you want to add to liquidity.

Step 4

Enter equal amounts of tokens with respect to value. Entering the amount in any one of the boxes will automatically populate the other box.

Finally, click on Approve.

Step 5

The Metamask will pop up to ask permission to access your funds. Click on Confirm to proceed.

Step 6

Please wait until your funds get approved. Once your funds are approved, you will get a notification pop-up and the button on the bottom will change to "Confirm Adding Liquidity"

Click on Confirm Adding Liquidity to proceed.

Step 7

A pop-up will appear with details of your liquidity.

Review the details and click on Confirm Supply.

Step 8

The Metamask will pop up again.

Click on Confirm to proceed.

That's it, you have successfully added liquidity!

How to remove liquidity?

You can remove liquidity anytime and get your funds back in your wallet.

Step 1

First, go to the liquidity page by clicking here.

Click on Manage.

Step 2

Next, click on Remove.

Step 3

Next, enter the percentage of liquidity you want to remove. If you enter 100%, then all the liquidity will be removed.

Finally, click on Approve.

Step 4

Metamask will pop up asking you for a signature request.

Click on SIGN to proceed.

Step 5

Next, click on Confirm Withdrawal.

Step 6

Review the details and click on Confirm.

Step 7

Your Metamask will pop up again.

Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Just wait for the transaction to process, and your liquidity will be removed successfully!

Yield Farming is one of the core features of the Beamswap DeFi Hub. It rewards you for depositing liquidity pool tokens.

Go to https://app.beamswap.io/farm and browse the listed farms. Currently, the following pools are active on Beamswap Farms:


  • xcIBTC - USDC


  • Multi 4pool (BUSD - USDT - USDC - DAI)

  • GLMR

  • xcDOT - GLMR


  • BNB - BUSD

  • ETH - USDC


You can find the previously active farms under the “Inactive” tab.

In the chosen farm pair, click “Details”, review the information such as the APR and Liquidity, and click “Stake”. Enter the amount you want to stake and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

To unstake, simply choose “Unstake”. Specify the amount, click “Unstake”, and confirm the transaction in your wallet.


Most farms provide dual rewards:

  • $GLINT, Beamswap’s native token

  • $rTIDE, Surfswap’s $TIDE on Beamswap

Some featured farms, however, provide triple rewards, adding another reward asset to the two above, for example (subject to change):

  • $POOP rewards in the POOP - GLMR farm

  • $GLMR rewards in the Multi 4pool farm and GLMR - xcUSDT farm

  • $xcINTR rewards in the xcIBTC - USDC farm

To receive double and triple rewards, you should interact with the farms, either through deposit, harvest, or withdrawal, in any of the Beamswap pools.


APR or Annual Percentage Rate represents the annual rate of return and is expressed in percentages.

On Beamswap Farms, you can find more details behind the listed APR by hovering over the 🛈 symbol:

  • Reward APR

  • LP APR

  • $TIDE Reward APR

Liquidity provision

Liquidity pools contain locked crypto tokens supplied by the platform users and run as smart contracts. They represent the essential funds that keep powering the DeFi features of Beamswap.

You can provide liquidity to the Beamswap DEX by depositing one or more assets into a liquidity pool and earn trading fees or lending interest.

Add liquidity

To add liquidity, you need $GLINT tokens equal to the value of liquidity tokens you would like to add to Beamswap. If you don't have $GLINT yet, you can swap other tokens for it (check out this guide).

Go to https://app.beamswap.io/exchange/pool.

Since you have no tokens in liquidity pools to begin with, click “Add Liquidity”.

Next, choose one or more tokens you would like to add to liquidity pools.

Select an equal ratio of selected tokens and click “Confirm Adding Liquidity”. The pop-up window shows the output you will receive on Beamswap.

If you agree, click “Confirm Supply”.

Lastly, confirm the transaction in your wallet.

You can optimize transactions under “Settings” in the top right corner.

Remove liquidity

To remove your liquidity tokens from the pool, go to tab “Liquidity” tab, and next to the token pair, click “Manage”.

Click “Remove” and then “Confirm Withdrawal”. Once again, confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Learn more about how to add liquidity and yield farm on Beamswap:

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