Yield Booster

The Yield Booster feature allows you to allocate your stGLINT tokens towards Yield Farm pools and boost the GLINT reward rate.

Key Terms

  • Boosting pools reward rate: You can boost the GLINT reward rate for your chosen pool by allocating stGLINT

  • Pool: Liquidity pool on Beamswap Yield Farm. For example, GLINT-GLMR.

Boost GLINT Yields

Step 1: Get stGLINT

First, acquire stGLINT. You can do that on the Beamswap Dashboard.

Step 2: Allocate stGLINT

Visit the Yield Booster page Choose a pool and allocate your stGLINT to it to boost the reward rate.


Each stGLINT deallocation is subject to a fee, and the fee amount will be burned (permanently removed) from circulation.

The deallocation fee can change at any time to a maximum of 2% of allocated stGLINT.

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