Other Features


Beamswap Analytics provide a deeper insight into performance of listed assets, based on liquidity and volume on Beamswap DEX.

Syrup Pools

In Beamswap Syrup pools, you can earn assets provided by partner projects simply by staking your Beamshare $SHARE tokens.


Beamswap Charts offer a detailed insight into the price movements of preferred tokens so you can identify a trend and make better trading decisions.

Burn Dashboard

The Burn Dashboard tracks all the burns of the $GLINT token, both chronologically and in charts, so you can keep an eye on the shrinking overall token supply.

Portfolio Tracker

With Beamswap Portfolio Tracker, you can track all your open positions in one place, including yield farms deposits, staked tokens, transactions, profits, and rewards.

NFT Marketplace

Once launched, the Beamswap NFT Marketplace will provide a platform for trading NFTs and presenting creators’ unique digital collections.


The Beamswap on-chain DAO will let users contribute their share in managing pool weights, $GLINT emissions, and yield farms.

Gas Pump

The Beamswap Gas Pump allows you to bridge assets to Beamswap and convert them straight into GLMR. This cuts the need to have GLMR in your wallet just to cover gas fees — the Gas Pump sources GLMR directly from this one-way swap.

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