How to Yield Farm?

In this guide, you will learn about yield farms and how to use them on Beamswap.

What are yield farms?

Yield farming is a system in which you deposit tokens in a shared pool with other users. This shared pool of tokens offers returns by using decentralized finance.

In yield farming, you provide liquidity to different token pairs and earn cryptocurrency rewards. The more liquidity you provide, the higher the return.

The interest rate on Beamswap is depicted by APR (annual percentage rate.)

How to yield farm on Beamswap?

To add liquidity, you must have two tokens staked with an equal value ratio. The guide below explains how to stake:

The guide below explains how to swap tokens on Beamswap

Step 1

Click here to go to the farming page

Or visit:

Step 2

Choose your farm by clicking on Details and then click on Stake.

Step 3

Enter the amount you wish to stake. You can also see your balance that you can stake.

Click on Sign and Stake to proceed.

Step 4

The Metamask will pop up. Click on SIGN to proceed.

The Metamask will pop up again, asking you to confirm the transaction. Click on Confirm to complete transaction.

Just wait for the transaction to complete, and you will have successfully staked in the farm, and you can see your balance as well!

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