Stake GLINT it on Beamswap v3 and collect rewards.

To start earning rewards via staking, you should first get some stGLINT balance. You can obtain it by:

1 Converting GLINT to stGLINT or

2 Converting SHARE to stGLINT

1 Convert GLINT to stGLINT

In the Beamswap v3 app, in the top menu, navigate to stGLINT and click Dashboard. Or, go to

Under the Convert tab, enter the amount of GLINT you want to convert, and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

2 Convert SHARE to stGLINT

To swap SHARE for stGLINT, you have two options:

2.1 Using the Migrate tool

2.2 Migrating SHARE manually

2.1 Convert SHARE to stGLINT using the Migrate tool

Under stGLINT in the top menu, click Migrate, or visit

Input the amount of SHARE to convert, and click the Migrate button.

Note: By clicking Migrate, all of your SHARE balance, including the one staked in SHARE Farms, will be automatically converted to stGLINT. You can convert your stGLINT tokens back to GLINT gradually within a 15 to a 90-day vesting period, with a 50% to 100% ratio.

Early redemptions are allowed but incur a penalty and permanently remove the remaining GLINT from circulation via burning.

2.2 Convert SHARE to stGLINT with manual migration

To manually migrate SHARE and obtain stGLINT, navigate to Earn > Beamshare (old) or click

Click Unstake and Unstake again to cancel the staking status of your SHARE tokens. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Next, navigate to stGLINT in the top menu, and click Dashboard. Or, simply go to

Enter the amount of GLINT you want to convert to stGLINT, and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Next, use the newly acquired stGLINT balance in staking to earn rewards.

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