Bridge assets to Moonbeam

To transfer funds from other chains to the Moonbeam Network, go to Make sure your wallet is connected to the Moonbeam Network.

First, select the network from which you want to transfer funds:

  • Ethereum

  • BSC

  • Moonbeam

Next, select Moonbeam Network as the destination network.

Finally, select a token you want to transfer and enter the amount of tokens you are transferring.

Click the “Bridge” button and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

If you have just started using Beamswap and need some $GLMR to cover gas fees for bridging assets, go to the “Faucet” tab and obtain some $GLMR to pay for a few transactions and swaps. The Faucet feature is only available once per wallet.

Learn more about Beamswap Bridge:

Bridge Feature

Our dApp allows you to bridge coins from one mainnet to another with minimal fees. The fee for bridging to Beamswap is either ~$1 or free! The fee for bridging out of Beamswap ranges from $5 to 0.1% of the funds being bridged, depending on the token. Transfering funds to the moonbeam network is hassle free.

Key Points

  1. Cross-chain Fee is 0.00 %, the Gas fee is 0.00 USDC for your cross-chain transaction on the destination chain

  2. Minimum Crosschain Amount is 40 USDC Maximum Crosschain Amount is 5,000,000 USDC

  3. The estimated time of Cross-chain Arrival is 10-30 minutes

  4. Cross-chain amounts larger than 1,000,000 USDC could take up to 12 hours

Step 1

Click here to go to the bridge

Or visit:

Step 2

Choose the network from which you want to transfer the funds, as shown below.

Make sure your wallet is on the same network as well!

Step 3

Next, select the destination network to where you want to transfer the funds.

Step 4

Finally, select the token you want to transfer, and enter the number of tokens you wish to transfer.

Step 5

Scroll to the bottom and click on Swap.

Step 6

Finally, review the transaction details and click on Confirm.

Step 7

Your MetaMask will pop up. Scroll down and click on Confirm.

Make sure you have enough funds to pay for the gas fee!

That's it. You will have successfully bridged your tokens.

Follow the guide below if you just bridged and don't have GLMR.

Now, you can start utilizing Beamswap services and features.

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