Connect wallet to Moonbeam

To use Beamswap, your wallet should be connected to the Moonbeam Mainnet. There are three ways to connect your wallet to the Moonbeam Network.

Below, the process of connecting a MetaMask wallet to Moonbeam is described. A very similar process applies to other supported wallets, too.

Option 1 - On Beamswap

Go to, and if you haven't yet, in the top right corner click the “Connect Wallet” button.

If your wallet was primarily connected to a different network, a new window prompts you to switch your MetaMask network to Moonbeam.

If this is your first time connecting to the Moonbeam Network, the MetaMask pop-up window will ask you for approval to add a new network. Click "Approve".

Or, if your MetaMask already has Moonbeam on its list of networks, simply click "Switch network".

This will connect your MetaMask wallet to the Moonbeam network so you can start interacting with the Beamswap platform.

Option 2 - On MetaMask

Open the MetaMask extension in your browser. At the top of the pop-up, you see the network you are connected to - normally, it’s Ethereum Mainnet. Click on it to open a drop-down list of available networks.

If Moonbeam is already on the list, simply click on it to switch networks. If it's not listed yet, continue to add it.

To add Moonbeam, click "Add Network". In a new tab that opens in your browser, fields requiring information will appear:

Enter the network information as follows:

Network Name: Moonbeam New RPC URL: Chain ID: 1284 Currency Symbol: GLMR Block Explorer URL:

Click "Save" and your MetaMask wallet will connect to the Moonbeam Network.

Option 3 - Moonbeam Dapp Dashboard

Go to, and connect with MetaMask.

When the MetaMask pop-up asks you to confirm switching the network to Moonbeam, simply confirm with the "Switch network" button and the wallet will automatically connect to it.

Learn more about adding Moonbeam Network to your MetaMask wallet:

Moonbeam requires $GLMR to pay for the gas fees when executing transactions on the network. To get $GLMR, continue to the next step.

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