Beamshare (Retired)

The Beamshare feature introduced the SHARE token in the previous, v2 version of Beamswap and is currently inactive. The upgraded Beamswap v3 introduces the stGLINT token.

Beamshare was a single-sided auto-compounding pool for the $GLINT token and represented one of the pillars of the Beamswap platform.

It allowed you to earn higher APY rewards for staking $GLINT token compared to APR in Yield Farming.

Following are guides and instructions on how to use Beamshare. These don't apply in the current, Beamswap v3 version, since SHARE has been replaced by the stGLINT token.


APY or Annual Percentage Yield is the annual compounded rate of return and is expressed in percentages.

It represents the interest rate awarded on the initial invested amount and on the interest accumulated on this amount. By compounding interest on interest, the APY is typically higher than APR.

How does it work?

The auto-compounding feature automatically solds and re-ads your farming rewards to your pool, leading to a higher APY.

A 0.03% portion of the DEX fees is used to buy $GLINT and deposit it into the rewards pool for Beamshare. The same happens for a portion of the yield farming emissions.

No liquidity will be provided for $SHARE Tokens on the Swap. It should only be exchanged using Beamshare with $GLINT. If you sell your $SHARE Tokens you will not be able to withdraw your $GLINT, because $SHARE is needed as a receipt to withdraw.

When you deposit and stake $GLINT tokens on Beamshare, you receive rewards in $SHARE tokens. The $SHARE rewards depend on two factors:

  • The size of your share of the pool

  • The $SHARE vs. $GLINT ratio

Pool share

By using a portion of all trade fees on Beamswap to buy back $GLINT tokens, the pool automatically compounds and expands.

The more $GLINT tokens enter the pool, the higher your value in $SHARE tokens — the same amount of $SHARE tokens gets you more $GLINT once you unstake them.

$SHARE vs. $GLINT ratio

The ratio between $SHARE and $GLINT started at 1:1 at the Beamswap launch and is increasing over time (reaching 1:1.5, 1:2, 1:5, etc.).

You can withdraw $GLINT anytime, but you will need to burn your $SHARE tokens in the process. If you want to repeat the process, you can always stake $GLINT in the pool and receive rewards at an increased $SHARE : $GLINT ratio.

Example: At a ratio of 1 $SHARE to 1.5 $GLINT, you received 1,000 $SHARE for a deposit of 1,500 $GLINT. If you hold your $SHARE tokens until the ratio reaches 1 $SHARE to 2 $GLINT, you can burn your 1,000 $SHARE to withdraw 2,000 $GLINT. If you want to receive 1,000 $SHARE again, you now need to deposit 2,000 $GLINT as per the new 1 $SHARE : 2 $GLINT ratio.

How to use Beamshare?

Deposit and stake $GLINT

First, you need $GLINT tokens. If you don’t have some already, you can get $GLINT here:

Go to and start staking $GLINT for $SHARE.

Check the $SHARE : $GLINT ratio at the top of the field. Enter the amount of $GLINT you want to stake or choose MAX.

Click “Sign and Stake”, confirm the transaction in your wallet, and receive your share of the staked pool in $SHARE tokens.

Unstake and withdraw $GLINT + rewards

Go to and switch to the “Unstake” tab.

Enter the amount of $SHARE tokens you want to unstake or choose MAX. Click “Unstake” and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

$SHARE utility

Double APY

You can deposit $SHARE tokens in Syrup Pools to acquire partnered projects’ tokens and earn double APY - first, on your $GLINT staked in Beamshare, and second, on your $SHARE deposited into Syrup Pools.

IDO participation

You can use $SHARE to participate in IDOs on Beamswap Docks. The more $SHARE tokens you hold, the higher your allocation of IDO tokens.

DAO governance

When Beamswap Governance and DAO are implemented, you can use $SHARE to vote on proposed new features and platform development.

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