Yield Booster Marketplace (coming soon)

The upcoming Yield Booster Marketplace will allow you to lend and borrow voting power to increase GLINT emissions on chosen pools.

Key Terms

  • Voting Power: Users stGLINT token balance

  • GLMR: The native cryptocurrency of the Moonbeam network used for payments in this contract

Voting Power Trading

Making an Offer

If you have stGLINT tokens available and unlocked, you can offer them as a voting power to users who need it.

You decide how much voting power to offer, for how long, and the price you want for it.

Canceling an Offer

If you have changed your mind about an offer you placed, you can cancel it as long as no one has accepted it yet.

Accepting an Offer

If you want a certain Yield Farm pool to increase its GLINT rewards, you can boost your voting power using stGLINT from other users' offers.

Once you find an offer you like, pay the requested price. The voting power offered will increase the emissions for the pool you chose.

Ending an Offer

Once the period of an offer is over, the user who made it can end it and get their stGLINT tokens back.

Fees and Payments

The Beamswap platform charges a small fee for each offer.

All payments for accepting offers are made in GLMR tokens.

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