Beamswap Launchpad

Beamswap Launchpad connects new projects built on the Moonbeam network with a growing community of early crypto backers to expand their funding reach.

On the one hand, the crypto community gets early and limited-time access to the tokens of new Moonbeam-based projects at a lower price. IDO backers can support them under terms similar to project insiders, VCs, and other early investors.

On the other hand, the projects and teams building on Moonbeam get exposure to the growing Beamswap community and boost their funding for a more secure launch.

How to contribute?

Projects launching on Beamswap Docks accumulate funding in a single contribution pool. You can contribute to the pool the maximum amount according to the tier tied to the amount of your $SHARE tokens.


There are three tiers of $SHARE token holders:

  • Tier 1: 100,000 $SHARE

  • Tier 2: 200,000 $SHARE

  • Tier 3: 800,000 $SHARE

The amount of $SHARE tokens per tier could be amended if the price per $SHARE token changes significantly by the time of an IDO.

Learn how to get $SHARE tokens here.


The allocation of collected funds follows every project's scheme and is announced prior to IDO.

If a project doesn’t raise the planned sum, the process remains unchanged — all the accumulated funds are spent and allocated IDO tokens are distributed among contributors.


By locking $SHARE tokens for longer, you can increase your allocation bonus.

  • 7-day lock-up: +10% bonus

  • 30-day lock-up: +50% bonus

If you don’t lock any $SHARE tokens, your contribution amount remains unchanged. But if you lock them for a week or a month, your contribution grows accordingly, giving you a larger allocation. You can set the lock-up period as an IDO goes live.

IDO contribution step by step

Before an IDO, you should have enough $SHARE tokens in your wallet to back a project in the tier of your preference. You can get $SHARE tokens on Beamshare — here’s how. You should also pass KYC before participating.

Once the IDO is announced and the registration window opens, register by completing the transaction of $SHARE tokens (on-chain registration) with your connected wallet. Your allocation of IDO tokens is determined based on the amount of your $SHARE tokens and chosen lock-up period. Set the lock-up period to 0 (none), 7, or 30 days. Make sure you also have enough raise currency.

When the IDO sale begins, wait for the contribution window to open. Send your USDC tokens in the amount that corresponds to your max cap. The sale will run on a first-come-first-serve (FCFS) basis, so you should join in early.

After the IDO, claim your new IDO tokens as soon as they are available following the project’s vesting schedule.

Once you lock your $SHARE tokens, you can join any IDO during the lock-up period. For example, if you lock $SHARE for 30 days but miss an IDO for whatever reason, you can still participate in other IDOs that launch within that time.

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