What is Beamshare?

Beamshare is a single sided auto-compounding pool for $GLINT. A portion of the DEXs fees (0.03%) are used to buy $GLINT and deposit it into the rewards pool for Beamshare as well as a portion of the yield farming emissions.
No liquidity will be provided for $SHARE Tokens on the Swap. It should only be exchanged using Beamshare with $GLINT. If you sell your $SHARE Tokens you will not be able to withdraw your $GLINT, because $SHARE is needed as a receipt to withdraw.

How does it work?

When you deposit $GLINT into Beamshare you will receive $SHARE as a receipt for your $GLINT deposit. The amount of $SHARE Tokens you receive depends on the $GLINT:$SHARE ratio. Ratio started at 1:1 when Beamswap went live and it continues increasing overtime. You can withdraw your $GLINT at any time, but you will need your $SHARE tokens to do it. Your $SHARE tokens get burnt when you withdraw $GLINT from Beamshare.
For example: Ratio is 1 $SHARE to 1.5 $GLINT, if you deposit 1500 $GLINT you will receive 1000 $SHARE tokens. Lets say you held onto your $SHARE tokens until the ratio reached 1 $SHARE to 2 $GLINT, now when you go to withdraw your $GLINT your 1000 $SHARE will get burnt and you will receive 2000 $GLINT. If you want to receive $SHARE again, you will now need to deposit 2000 $GLINT to receive 1000 $SHARE as per the ratio.


You will be able to deposit $SHARE Tokens in the Syrup pools to earn partnered project's tokens once they go live and essentially earn double APY. You earn APY on your $GLINT deposited into Beamshare and on your $SHARE deposited into the Syrup pools. $SHARE Tokens will be used for IDO Participation on Beamswap's launchpad. The more $SHARE tokens that you hold, the higher your allocation. As per our roadmap, $SHARE Tokens will be used for our Beamswaps Governance - DAO.
Beamswap App
Beamswap App
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