How to add Moonbeam to your Metamask?
There are 3 options when it comes to adding Moonbeam to your Metamask wallet.

When you go on the "Swap" page of BeamSwap you can see that on the top right corner you can "Connect your Wallet". Once you have clicked on that a popup will show that prompts you to change your network to Moonbeam. Confirm and youre good to go!

Step 1: Open Metamask At the top of the metamask app you will see the network which you are connected with (normally: "Ethereum Mainnet"). Once you click on that you will see that at the bottom of the app you can add a network. Step 2: Add the Moonbeam Network. Once you clicked on "Add Network" a new tab will open in your browser.
Fill in the following
Network Name: Moonbeam New RPC URL: Chain ID: 1284 Currency Symbol: GLMR Block Explorer URL: One you have filled in the above you can click on "Save" and you have successfully added the Moonbeam Network to your Metamask!

You can also simply go to From there on you will get a pop-up window from Metamask in which the site will ask you to automatically connect to the Moonbeam Network. Simple as that.
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